Current Grants

With recent NIH grant awards exceeding 5 million dollars, ORCAS is focused on innovative product development and research that improves physical and emotional well-being.

Screening and Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for Alcohol Abuse
Behavior Domains: Substance Abuse Screening, Supportive and Motivational Interviewing, Change Readiness
Randomized Trial: Q4 2016

Depression and Metabolic Syndrome
Behavior Domains: Managing Mood and Physical Health, Positive Activities, Positive Emotions.
Randomized Trial: Completed

Physical Activity Promotion for Patients with Osteoarthritis
Behavior Domains: Goal Setting for Physical Activity, Overcoming Barriers, Pain Management
Randomized Trial: Completed

Physical Well-Being
Behavior Domains: Regular Activity, Healthier Food Choices, Stress and Sleep Management, BP Monitoring/Tracking.
Randomized Trial: Completed

Couples Relationship Skill Building
Behavior Domains: Relationship Skills, Resilience, Positive Activities.
Randomized Trial: Completed

Emotional Well-Being
Behavior Domain: Positive Emotion
Well-Being Domains: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Emotional Management and Regulation, Planning for Change, General Mood and Motivation.
Randomized Trial:  Completed 

Behavior Domains: Positive Thinking, Positive Activities, Mood Monitoring/Tracking.
Randomized Trial:  Completed 

Adult ADHD
Behavior Domain: Time Management
Randomized Trial:  Completed 

Back Pain
Behavior Domains: Back Pain Self-Treatment, Back Pain Prevention.
Randomized Trial:  Completed 

Behavior Domains: Regular Physical Activity
Randomized Trial:  Completed 

Alcohol and Other Drug Monitoring  Supervisor Training
Behavior Domains: Objective Reporting, Performance Supervision.
Randomized Trial:  Completed