Brain 101: The Concussion Playbook

Managing the effects of concussion both at school and at home.

Every year, about twenty million kids register for youth hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and other competitive sports. These young athletes have the highest risk of suffering long term repercussions from concussion.

Introducing Brain 101The Concussion Playbook.

A school-wide concussion management program designed to minimize the risks associated with sports concussion in youth and high school athletics from the people at ORCAS.

No Brainer

Why develop a concussion playbook filled with information and guidelines about proper concussion recognition, response, and management? Because getting coaches, athletics staff, teachers, school administrators, young athletes, and parents on the same page gives injured athletes the best chance of full recovery.

Best in class

In a randomized controlled trial led by Dr. Ann Glangan expert in youth brain injurycompared with students in the standard care group, students in the Brain 101 group knew more about concussion symptoms and how to manage them; reported suspected concussion at higher rates; returned to full activity sooner; and received more school accommodations following concussion.

Brain 101 offers a unique branding opportunity to establish your organization as a champion of concussion awareness and self-management.�Call us to learn more.

Bess Day,�Senior Account Manager