Designed to improve emotional well-being.

Meet MoodHacker

A mobile, self-management intervention based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology that helps employees track, understand, and improve their mood, and reduce depression symptoms.

More than a tracking tool

MoodHacker encourages self-management through a practical, real-life, and holistic intervention approach. Healthy habits that encourage physical activity, sleep, nutrition, and social support are woven into the user experience. Personalized messaging, based in CBT, Positive Psychology and Self Determination Theory, guides users on a proven intervention pathway.

Proven Effectiveness
Weve scientifically validated MoodHackers effectiveness in a randomized controlled trial that showed significant effects for activating new positive behaviors along with increasing knowledge, and reducing depression symptoms; and the more the program was used, the better the results.

Does Your Business Need a Mood Boost?
At least 19 million Americans experience depression each year. Could your employees, customers, subscribers, or patients benefit from a convenient, online tool that helps them assess and improve their mood? Whether you want to address workplace health and productivity or a groups sense of wellbeing, we can assist you with tailoring the MoodHacker experience to meet your needs.

Contact us for a demo and see how easily MoodHacker can be a part of your companys health and wellness initiatives.

Bess Day, Senior Account Manager