Archive | December, 2011

Lungtropolis – Where Kids with Asthma Learn to Play

ORCAS and the American Lung Association (ALA) released Lungtropolis at the 2011 American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington D.C..Lungtropolis is an innovative asthma education program for children ages five to ten. Developed with a grant from National Institutes of Health,  Lungtropolis is designed to increase adherence to asthma treatment plans […]

Gerontology Study Confirms Internet Training Helps Nurse Aids Respond to Aggression

Research indicates that nursing home caregivers are subjected to verbal and physical assaults by residents suffering from dementia and other mental disorders. Fortunately, according to results published in the October 2011 online issue of The Gerontologist, web-based training in communication and response skills can better equip caregivers to handle those attacks.