ORCAS is a health innovation and technology company that creates mobile self-management interventions designed to improve physical and emotional well-being.

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  • Mobile Health Solutions

    ORCAS brings new mobile interventions to market quickly, positioning partners as leaders in the emerging mobile market. Our experience in the industry and innovative research and development lab provides opportunity for a viable long-term partnership with a trusted brand.

  • BlipHub

    Small changes can make a big difference. Contact us for a demo!

  • MoodHacker

    Designed to improve emotional well-being. Contact us for a demo!

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  • ORCAS Awarded NIH Grant to Develop and Study Depression and Metabolic Syndrome App

    ORCAS, with funds awarded from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, will develop and study a mobile self-management app to promote emotional and physical wellbeing of adults with both metabolic syndrome and depression. The two conditions often exist together, each making the other more severe, difficult to manage, and costly to […]

  • ORCAS CEO, Michael Mulvihill, To Present At 2014 HERO Forum

    ORCAS announced today that Michael Mulvihill, CEO, will present at the 2014 HERO (Health Enhancement Research Organization) Forum, which takes place Sept. 29 through Oct. 3 in San Diego. Mulvihill will present on the topic of creating meaningful, results-driven, mobile behavior change interventions and the burgeoning role of technology in healthcare on Wednesday, October 1, […]

  • Springwise Includes MoodHacker In Their “Inspiring Business Ideas”

    Springwise‘s profile on MoodHacker focused on workplace wellness and ORCAS’s capability to partner seamlessly with employers and their EAP to bring a depression/mood management mobile intervention to their workforce. The impacts on absent- and present-eeism can be significant and it’s an effective and easy adjunct to traditional EAP services. Springwise, a London-based online entrepreneurial newsfeed […]