ORCAS is a health innovation and technology company that creates mobile self-management interventions designed to improve physical and emotional well-being.

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  • Mobile Health Solutions

    ORCAS brings new mobile interventions to market quickly, positioning partners as leaders in the emerging mobile market. Our experience in the industry and innovative research and development lab provides opportunity for a viable long-term partnership with a trusted brand.

  • BlipHub

    Small changes can make a big difference. Contact us for a demo!

  • MoodHacker

    Designed to improve emotional well-being. Contact us for a demo!

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  • ORCAS CEO, Michael Mulvihill, presents at California HealthCare Foundation’s Innovation Showcase

    The California HealthCare Foundation recently held a showcase in San Francisco for innovative tech companies to present solutions for the behavioral health care needs of Californians. Twelve companies were asked to speak to “an audience of safety-net providers and payers who must find ways to meet the needs of the patients who are their responsibility” and ORCAS was […]

  • ORCAS Announces Positive Results from Study of FitBack Mobile App for Back Pain Management and Prevention

    ORCAS today announced the results of its study of FitBack, a mobile/web-based intervention that helps users develop a self-tailored management plan, track pain levels and follow proven pain-management strategies. Users of the FitBack mobile app receive messages in videos and in-app text based on job activity type: sitters, standers, drivers and lifters. Wireless integration with […]

  • ORCAS and mHealth Technologies Partner to Develop Mobile Health and Wellness Platform for the Turkish Marketplace

    ORCAS announced today a partnership with mHealth Technologies (www.mhealthtechnologies.co and www.mhealth.com.tr), developers of health and wellness technology for overseas markets, to deliver a mobile platform for the Turkish marketplace. The platform is based on ORCAS’s proprietary habit-forming engine (HFE), a user-driven system that prompts condition-specific mobile interventions for the prevention and management of high prevalence […]